Available Positions


Laboratory Equipment Maintenance (LEM), Research Operations

Job Title

Biosafety Cabinet Technician (BCT)

Position Summary

The Biosafety Cabinet Technician (BCT) provides technical expertise and manages maintenance and certification projects of all biosafety cabinets (BSC) located in KAUST. Primary duties include preventative maintenance and repair, decontamination, and annual certification in alignment with either EN 12469 or NSF 49 standards.

The BCT will also provide professional expert service and support for general laboratory research equipment by performing field and workshop service repairs and maintenance of other research equipment. He/she will deliver the highest level of service to maximize equipment uptime while minimizing maintenance costs.

The BCT will work within guidelines established by the LEM Manager and Laboratory Equipment Maintenance Leads, and will follow established standard operating procedures.

Major Responsibilities
  • Ensure all records are complete, properly maintained and reported for all BSC maintenance and certifications in accordance with established policies.

  • Assist research staff and LEM Leadership with advising on new BSC purchases.

  • Ensure all equipment used in the certification process is properly maintained and certified in accordance with established policies.

  • Identify and manage critical spare parts for local stock.

  • Maintains personal certification and proficiency in accordance with either EN 12469 or NSF 49 standards.

  • Support and help plan laboratory equipment renovations.

  • Conduct independent investigations into lab readiness and operational performance related to the use of biological lab equipment.

  • Respond quickly to maintenance requests

  • Complete assigned work at the highest possible level of quality and in a timely manner

  • Coordinate with end-user to schedule equipment maintenance

  • Confer with lab equipment operators/manufacturers/agents to identify and diagnose problems and implement appropriate solutions

  • Coordinate with off-site and on-site, local and international, technical teams / specialists, vendors, etc. when ensuring the proper repair of equipment

  • Complete grammatically correct service reports for all maintenance performed

  • Provide sufficiently detailed, grammatically correct, and regular communications to end-users

  • Maintain Field Service Reports to record all service-related activities for each equipment

  • Participate in professional development trainings, seminars and other activities to remain at a highly competent level of expertise on assigned equipment

  • Instruct end user on preventative equipment maintenance strategies and proper instrument use

  • Provide occasional value-added user training sessions on assigned equipment within expertise

  • Participate in safety programs and monthly safety meetings to comply with HSE policies and regulations

  • Develop and maintain safe habits and practices with regard to safety requirements on site and in the workshop and report any breaches or concerns on health and safety matters to the appropriate supervisor

Other Responsibilities
  • Work closely and productively with the LEM Manager and LEM Lead to define and complete additional objectives as required

  • Ability to work extended hours (as needed).

  • Efficiently manages a varied workload while under pressure accomplishing tasks with minimal supervision

  • Works with minimal supervision and follows written and/or verbal procedures

  • Strong planning and organizational skills

  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills

  • Team player with a flexible can-do attitude

  • Ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner

  • Excellent command of the English language (read, write and speak English)

  • Ability to work effectively in a multi-cultural international environment and help foster a cooperative work environment

  • Ability to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Minimum High School diploma

  • EN 12469 or NSF 49 BSC field certifier accreditation