Team Expertise

Jason M. Serin

Manager, Lab EquipmentMaintenance (LEM)

Mohammed Saad

Lead, Analytical TechnologiesSpecializing in liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry

Seraj A. Al-Harbi

Lead, Workshop and HydraulicsSpecializing in optical and thermal characterization techniques

George Klein

Lead, BiosciencesSpecializing in bioscience and analytical instrumentation

Ralph Timmermeester

Lead, Physical TechnologiesSpecializing in lasers and advanced optical systems

Noli Arellano

Supervisor, Physical TechnologiesSpecializing in glovebox, deposition, and complicated electral systems
Lab Equipment Maintenance Personnel

Abdullah Al-Abdullatif

Maintenance Technical Specialist Specializing in Chromatography Systems

Paulo Aurelio

Maintenance SpecialistSpecializing in cytometery and optics

Haris Ahmed

Maintenance SpecialistSpecializing in surface characterization and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) systems

Pervez Aibara

Refregiration SpecialistSpecializing in cold storage, temperature control units, autoclaves and growth chambers

Yassine Almostafa

Senior Maintenance SpecialistSpecializing in chromatography/mass spectrometry, and glovebox systems

Rogelio Cantonjos

Maintenance SpecialistSpecializing in pipette and balance calibrations, and electral components

Mohammed Farooq

Maintenance SpecialistSpecializing in gas adsorption techniques, high temperature & pressure rectors, liquid chromatography and viscometers

Macario Gamis

Maintenance Technical SpecialistSpecializing in hydraulics and gas generation systems

Venkata N. Kare

Maintenance SpecialistSpecializing in FPLC, AFM, EXCIMER lasers and cyclers

Edgardo D. Lulu

Maintenance Technical SpecialistSpecializing in cold storage, temperature control units, autoclaves and growth chambers

Arjun Narayanamurthy

Maintenance SpecialistSpecializing in research engines, thermal integrated hydraulic and vacuum systems

Balamurugan Ramasamy

Maintenance SpecialistSpecializing in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and gas generators

Muhammad Nadeem Ramay

Senior Maintenance SpecialistSpecializing in centrifuges, incubation equipment, bio safety cabinets and water polishers

Abdul Khuddus Shaik

Maintenance Technical SpecialistSpecializing in chillers, heat exchanger and vacuum pumps

Shamsheer Hussain Shaikh

Maintenance Technical SpecialistSpecializing in chillers, vacuum pumps, freeze dryers, ovens and centrifuges

Usman Sharif

Senior Maintenance SpecialistSpecializing in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and diffractometry

Chandrasekaran Lakshmipathy

Lab Equipment Maintenance SpecialistSpecializing in Liquid, Gas and Gel Permeation Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry.

Edwin Hernandez Montas

KAUST-Calibration Specialist / VWR-Service Engineer Specializing in Calibrations and ISO Quality Management

Vito Yong

Senior Lab Equipment Maintenance Specialist

Philipp Emanuel Walter

Technical Adviser for Thermo Fisher Scientific Instrumentation
Administration and Maintenance Logistics

Kaleem Ullah Khan

System and Business SpecialistSpecializing in maintenance and material management systems, data structuring, system troubleshooting

Yoosuf Kurdi

Maintenance PlannerSpecializing in research equipment and spare parts procurement

Edgardo Mateo

Administrative Assistant