Team Expertise

Jason M. Serin

Manager, Lab Equipment
Maintenance (LEM)

Nicolas Lemée

LEM Lead, Biosciences and IT

Specializing in customer relations, IT, automation, sequencing, Q-PCR and nucleic acid techniques

Mohammed Saad

LEM Lead, Analytical Technologies Unit

Specializing in chromatography and mass spectrometry

Seraj A. Al-Harbi

LEM Lead, Workshop and Hydraulics Unit

Specializing in optical
characterization techniques

Noli Arellano

LEM Lead, Physical Technologies Unit

Specializing in glovebox systems and general electronics
Lab Equipment Maintenance Personnel

Haris Ahmed

LEM Engineer
Porosimetry, vacuum deposition, and system engineering

Pervez Aibara

LEM Technician
Refrigeration and autoclaves

Abdullah Al-Abdullatif

LEM Technician
Biosciences and IT

Yassine Almostafa

LEM Specialist
Chromatography and mass spectrometry

Rogelio Cantonjos

LEM Technician
Electronics, balances, and pipettes

Muhammad Imran

LEM Technician
General lab equipment, water purification, gas generators, and ovens

Venkata N. Kare

LEM Engineer
Biosciences equipment and FPLC

George Klein

LEM Specialist
Liquid and gas chromatography

Edgardo D. Lulu

LEM Technician

Muhammad Nadeem Ramay

Advanced LEM Technician
Bioscience lab equipment, centrifuges, incubators, and PCR

Abdul Khuddus Shaik

LEM Technician
Hydraulics and pumps

Shamsheer Hussain

LEM Technician
Hydraulics and pumps

Usman Sharif

LEM Specialist
XPS, diffractometry, and X-ray instrumentation
Administration and Maintenance Logistics

Elena Domracheva

Data specialist
Data generation

Edgardo J. Mateo

Administrative Assistant
Office administration and budget

Yoosuf Kurdi

LEM Planner
Spare parts procurement and financials

Arjun Narayanamurthy

Maintenance Workshop Administrator
Warehousing and supply chain

Macario Gamis

Warehouse shipping and receiving associate
Warehousing and supply chain

Kaleem Ullah Khan

SAP and Cloud Systems Specialist
SAP and Cloud maintenance systems administration