Flow Cytometry

26 - 27 Feb, 2020

The course will provide an overview of the Flow Cytometry technique and will explore the technical and application differences between the Flow Cytometers available in KAUST.


  • Learn how to use Thermo-Fisher Vanquish HPLC with Chromeleon software
  • Learn HPLC troubleshooting tips and tricks.

Laser Basics:

This course starts with the basics of laser technology. It also contain the laser resonator concept (stable & unstable), the physical background, like population inversion and the difference between spontaneous & stimulated emission will be explained in detail.

The course provides a fundamental understanding in laser physics and a general overview in different laser systems.

The course length is 2 full days.

Laser Advanced:

This course will cover 1st - level maintenance & service training for the scientific laser systems, Ti:Sa-based Ultrafast Laser, called Chameleon. It covers the physical background of the FAPI laser diodes, DPSS pump laser (Verdi) and fs – resonator. These three units will be explained in detail theoretically and then measured in the lab. User maintenance, checks and inspection of parameters are part of the laboratory work. Finally, beam diagnostics, like output power, beam profile, pulse quality and beam pointing will be covered as well.

The course length is 2 full days.

MOCVD Course:

Topic: Gas Mixing & Controlling System of GaN MOCVD

  1. NH3 line gas mixing & Controlling
  2. SiH4 line gas mixing & controlling
  3. Run-vent line gas  mixing & controlling
  4. MO source line gas mixing & controlling